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Replica of the

The sailplan of the Pinta showing her classic lateral plan and fine waterlinesThe new Coat of arms Cristopher  Columbus was given  from the catholic Kings of Spain after the historical achievement it shows the Royal Coat of arms of Leon and Castillia as well as the islands of  western India and the five golden anchors on blue ground as admiral of the Atlantic Ocean

Historical Background
Replica of the famous discovery vessel used by Christopher Columbus for his expeditions to America. She is the same kind and almost the size as the orginial caravels used by the conquerors of Mexico at the beginning of the XVI th. century who started their adventure of encounter of the two cultures in these very waters she is cruising now.

She was built in "Puerto Morelos", Mexico, by mexican shipwrights, carefully researched and detailed to make her look very much like the original vessel, integrating all necessary modern life and safety-commodities into here design, without loosing the historical authenticity on board.

Regular Tours:
Cancun Lagoon sunset and dinner cruises.

Other Services:
Charters for groups or romantic couples, with dinner or lunch on board. Weddings, Lobster-Dinner or private Sun-Set cocktail cruises, Anniversaries etc.

We are specially prepared for cultural or educational voyages.



Technical Specifications "Pinta":


Length overall

16.61 Mts.(54.50ft)


4.80 Mts. (15.75 ft)


1.50 Mts. ( 5.00 ft)

Type of Vessel:

Spanish Caravel

Cruising Speed:

8-10 Knots


65,000 Lbs.
Propulsion: Sail and engine
Classification: Motor-sailor


Fuel / Water 800 gal. / 250 gal.


Main sq , mizzen lat. and sq. foresail


1 / 400- HP MTU Marine Diesel


4 (1 Captain, 2 sailors and 1 bilingual tour guide)


Maximum 60


VHF marine radio, first-aid kit, life-vests, fire extinguishers, flares, radio stereo cassette and CD changer w/ speakers, microphone, depth sounder, GPS, 5-kw Diesel generator, fresh water pressure system, marine toilet with holding tank, bar-galley, very silent wet exhaust system.

The little sister ship  Caravel Niña

Sloop of war HMS CORSAIR cCapatin laffits very own  vessel like dicribed in Stevensen's  boka bout the Yucatan inhis chapet about Isla Mujeres

The floating eco-lodge "Aqualodge"  conserving in a sustainable way nature an cultural identity


For more information: E-mail: manager@kolumbustours.com

Phone: + 52 (998) 884-53-33 / 887-21-27
Mobile/WhatsApp + 52 1 (998) 845 49 43


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Here the Pinta before the wind, reaching easily the hullspeed of 6.8 knots without her bonnets rigged
THE PINTA and NIÑA figuring in the DISCOVERY CHANNEL production about the life of Hernán Cortés THE CONQUISTADOR
THE PINTA and NIÑA figuring in the DISCOVERY CHANNEL production about the life of Hernán Cortés THE CONQUISTADOR


THE PINTA and NIÑA figuring in the DISCOVERY CHANNEL production about the life of Hernán Cortés THE CONQUISTADOR
Here the deck of the forcastle can be seen with  the Historical Stock anchor and  "lombarda" ship cannon.
Famous german POP singer doing a TV  production  called "Wolkenlos" THE  HAVY WOODEN WINDLASS CNA BE SEEN VERY NICELY
Filming for the Discovery Channel into the sinking sun
Motorsailing with one stay-sail the lateen Main of her little sister ship the NIÑA